The Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ) is a global coalition in the tax justice movement. We campaign for progressive and redistributive taxation systems nationally, and for a transparent, inclusive and representative global tax governance internationally, which ensures the right of developing countries to tax part of multinational corporations' global profits generated in their economies.

Created in 2013, GATJ is the coordination hub of regional tax justice networks in Asia (Tax & Fiscal Justice Asia), Africa (Tax Justice Network Africa), Latin America (Red de Justicia Fiscal de América Latina y el Caribe), Europe (Tax Justice-Europe) and North America (Canadians for Tax Fairness & FACT Coalition), collectively representing hundreds of organisations.

We've joined together because:

Wealthy people, banks and multinational corporations have built a sophisticated system of secretive international financial centres (tax havens) supported by armies of accountants, lawyers and lobbyists, in order to deliberately pay less taxes on their profits and wealth. Yet, this elite group is entirely dependent on publicly-funded infrastructure and institutions and publicly-educated workforces to make their money. Such systemic (il)legal tax avoidance has led ordinary people to lose out as wealth flows outwards from the public and into the private hands of the few. This distorts economies, undermines democracy and deprives people of the vital public services we need to live.

Now is the time

Fairer and transparent tax policies can counteract growing inequalities and raise the public funding needed to invest in public services and sustainable development. There is a massive opportunity to make progress in reforming our global financial architecture when we work together across borders and organisations.

Our vision is of a world where fair and progressive tax policies work for all

We want tax policies to support people to share in local and global prosperity; access the public services and social protections needed to fulfill their human rights; and benefit from economies that work in the long-term interests of people and our environment.

Our goals

  • Affirm the role and obligation of governments to implement progressive and distributive tax policies
  • Mobilise domestic resources for public services and other vital government functions
  • Strengthen state accountability and the social contract
  • Reduce state dependence on aid and debt financing
  • Correct the power imbalance between citizens and multinational corporations

How do we do this

  • Exposing the negative impact of tax injustices on ordinary people and our families around the world – from the South to the North
  • Taking transformative actions and campaigning for solutions to end tax injustices
  • Building a global movement to increase awareness and solidarity around tax justice issues

Our funders

ActionAid International
ActionAid UK
Christian Aid
Ford Foundation
Joffe Trust
Open Society Foundation
Oxfam GB
Oxfam Novib

For more information, or to get involved, please contact us.