LAC Week of Action

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During the second week of December 2015, members of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice regional network Red Justicia Fiscal (RJF) organized a week of regional action linking #TaxJustice with issues including climate justice, human rights and ending corruption.

Along with a high profile on social networks using various graphic materials, the Latin American movement for tax justice promoted two main activities:

– #TaxJustice4ClimateJustice photo petition

– AcciónArt initiative: photographs, drawings, and collages about the link between Tax Justice and Human Rights where shared in social media to show how Tax Justice mobilizes resources to ensure a dignified life for all.

Activities with national impact were organized in different countries. In Peru, a press conference took place on the disputed election process of supreme judges by the National Judicial Council – highlighting issues including corruption and tax justice. In the Dominican Republic, the Centro Bonó held an event on “Human Rights in the Dominican Republic in 2015”, and in several parts of the country human chains were formed to protest against state corruption. Brazil also joined the movement with several events on human rights. Ecuador, Nicaragua and Peru are due to hold related sc activities soon.

These initiatives show the strengthening power and commitment of the regional movement for tax justice, advancing the demand to end the theft of domestic resources faced by Latin American countries due to tax avoidance, tax evasion and corruption.

See a summary of these activities in the Storify blog created by the RJF here.

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