Global Day of Action on #TaxJustice in the Extractive Industry

Nov 19 2019 - 5:00pm

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Coal, oil, gas, minerals... The extractive industry plunders the resources of countries in the Global South, causing irreversible damage to the environment and harmful impacts on the communities. It makes billions of profits but does not pay its due share of taxes.

Tax dodging by multinationals in the extractive sector results in loss of billions of much needed tax revenue in developing countries

We urge social movements, rights and environmental organisations, citizens’ groups, NGOs, and activists to campaign for #TaxJustice in the Extractive industry.

Our objectives are:

  • Build linkages & convergences between the growing #TaxJustice movement and other movements and campaigns focusing on the extractive sector,
  • Expose the tax abuses of extractive corporations
  • Build and shape strong public opinion in support of tax and fiscal justice in the extractive sector

 See our call to action and join us!