Policy Coherence for Development: exploring options for Ireland

Sep 28 2018 - 10:30am
Limerick, Ireland
Venue  Kemmy Business School University of Limerick Limerick Ireland
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Policy Coherence for Development: exploring options for Ireland

On Friday September 28th the following organizations and institutions are jointly organizing an event to examine the challenges and opportunities to enhance policy coherence in relation to tax and development, and specifically explore ways for mitigating tensions and progressing towards a more coherent policy structure:

Development Studies Association of Ireland in Partnership with the ARC Accountability Research Cluster, Human Rights and Development Practice Research Cluster at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, Oxfam Ireland and Christian Aid.

We are delighted to have Professor Paul Hoebink of Radboud University, Netherlands, as well as a panel of representatives from relevant government departments, Irish Aid, Prof. Sheila Killian, UL, and Sorley McCaughey from Christian Aid Ireland. The event will be facilitated by journalist Vincent Browne. 

The event will begin with an overview of policy coherence, draw on lessons from international and European examples of policy coherence, look more closely at the Irish context and how we in Ireland can learn from these lessons, and then discuss ways in which Ireland can improve in its structure for ensuring policy coherence between its corporate tax system and overseas development goals. We hope that this event will result in some clear recommendations on how policy coherence can happen in practise.

You can register here: