In Praise of Whistleblowers

Apr 5 2017 - 12:00pm
London, UK
Venue  PwC London Headquarters, 1 Embankment Pl, Villiers Street
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Apr 5 2017 - 12:00pm

PwC – Clean up your Act! No Bullying of Whistle-blowers!

We are protesting at this time in particular over PwC’s treatment of Raphaël Halet, who helped to provide the 2014 Lux-leaks. Halet was a clerk who worked for PwC in Luxembourg and noticed the ‘sweetheart deals’ that they were setting up with the Luxembourg Governments and hundreds of international companies, to cheat over their tax affairs. These included household names such as Apple, Ikea, Amazon and many more. Halet gave information to a journalist to try and stop PwC aiding the tax dodgers. When they found out PwC brought police and bailiffs to his house and interrogated him and his wife (who knew nothing of the leaks) for six hours, and took away all the family computers.

They brought Halet and his wife back a week later, and over ten hours pressured them into signing a non-disclosure agreement, threatening to sue them for damages of 10 million euros and repossession of their house if they talked. Fortunately a lawyer noticed this agreement in the Court papers and brought it to the judge’s attention, who promptly ruled it invalid. Like the Oscar nomina-tions PwC even got that wrong – you should not bully and threaten people like that, especially if they are acting for the public interest and the common good.

Thanks to the actions of Halet and his fellow Lux-leaker Antoine Deltour we know more about how the tax dodgers use tax havens, and research to find out more and block some of their scams is ongoing. However we all need to back up the bravery of whistle-blowers to get Governments to act as well as talk.

Do One Thing on Tax for the Global Week – write to your bank, your MP, your employer, PwC, anyone who has influence and say Thanks to Whistle-blowers and End Tax Havens – tax is what makes us a civilised society!

For more information please contact David Haslam.