#WalkTogether to #FightInequality

Apr 17 2018 - 6:00pm
London, UK
Venue  LSE Old Theater Houghton Street
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Apr 17 2018 - 6:00pm

Join The Elders, the Fight Inequality Alliance and Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity in London. We will honour grassroots action turning the inequality crisis around in countries across the world. Be part of a growing movement working to #WalkTogether to #FightInequality.

Around the world, the gap between the richest and the rest of society has reached extremes not seen in a century. The global inequality crisis is undermining our ability to end poverty, racial and class- based discrimination, advance women’s rights, defend the environment, protect human rights and democracy, prevent conflict, and promote fair and dignified employment. The growing inequality gap has led to an unacceptable concentration of wealth and power, whilst hundreds of millions fight to survive. We can each take steps towards freedom with equality. Join us as we raise the voices of grassroots Sparks of Hope who are fighting the root causes of inequality around the world, and support their work to stem the tide and build more equal and just societies.

Speakers include members of The Elders, grassroots activists from the global Fight Inequality Alliance, senior members of the LSE and Atlantic Fellows from around the world.

Registration is essential as space is limited: RSVP NOW by clicking here or contact Jessy Field

Join the #fightinequality movement on twitter @FightInequalit1 or through their website   www.fightinequality.org