#8for8 campaign culminates, from Asia to the world

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On August 8, 2018, the Tax and Gender Working Group of TAFJA launched the #8for8 social media campaign to raise awareness on tax justice for women’s rights. For eight months on every 8th of the month, TAFJA members and supporters posted their selfies while carrying a placard that shows the key message for each month:

  • August 2018: "I am for tax justice"
  • September 2018: "I am for tax justice and women’s rights" (featuring women at work)
  • October 2018: "Tax should not be a burden to the poor"
  • November 2018: "Stop tax abuses of multinational companies" (in solidarity with GATJ’s Global Days of Action on #ParadisePapers, one year on).
  • December 2018: "Women work. Our taxes don’t"
  • January 2019: "Reduce tax burden for women in the informal economy"
  • February 2019: "Care work matters. Reduce tax burden on women"
  • March 2019: "Make taxes work for women", culminating on the Global Days of Action.

In line with the theme of the Global Days of Action, the key message for the last #8for8 on March 8th is “Make Taxes Work for Women”. While the #8for8 campaign was originally planned to encourage Asian women to participate, it spread widely over the period of eight months and was also able to engage the participation of women and men from countries outside of Asia, including Canada, France, Kenya, Argentina, and South Africa, among others.

To reach more audience, the last #8for8 message, “Make Taxes Work for Women”, was translated into several languages, including Filipino, Spanish, Bangladeshi, Hindi, Kashmir, Nepali, and Urdu.

The #8for8 campaign on March 8th had a total reach of 9,698, with 561 engagements in the Facebook page of TAFJA. It can be easily assumed that the total impressions are significantly much higher, when the engagements and reach of the Facebook posts from personal accounts and pages of other organisations are taken into account.


In addition to the selfies, TAFJA member, ActionAid Vietnam also produced a video that recaps the #8for8 campaign from August 2018 to February 2019.

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