"Africa's response to falling commodity prices"

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In March 2017, Global Alliance for Tax Justice's regional network member TJN-A (Tax Justice Network-Africa) and the African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) jointly organised a "Colloquium on commodity price collapse and African governments' response". They just published its final outcome document, ""Africa's response to falling commodity prices - in the context of the Africa Mining VIsion", which summarizes the 2 sessions held during the Colloquim ("The impact and response to falling commodity prices by African governments", "Fiscal regimes governing commodities in Africa") as well as the panel discussion, and finally outlines five policy recommendations:

1. Mineral-based industrialization and diversification

2. Political will for change and building institutions

3. Regional Cooperation and Integration to spur Pan-African mineral transformation

4. Capacity building, human capital and enabling technology advancements

5. Harnessing development financing for mineral-based transformation.

You can find the complete outcome document here.

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