Last #8for8 selfie challenge: International Women's Day!

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Remember TAFJA’s great selfie challenge, #8for8, happening each month to promote #TaxJustice for #WomensRights ?

Well, the 8th and final step will be, of course, March 8th, the International Women’s Day !

The month of March is particularly important as we are gearing up for our Global Days of Action to MAKE TAXES WORK FOR WOMEN, from 8 to 22 of March !

As usual, TAFJA (Tax and Fiscal Justice Asia) is offering everyone around the world to take selfies/photos of them holding the placard (here in Spanish) and posting on their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the hashtags #8for8, #TaxJustice, and #WomensRights.

If you would like the photos to be posted on the TAFJA and APMDD pages, kindly send yours to TAFJA’s Meggy, by March 7.

« Since it will be our last month for the campaign, I hope we can all work together to mobilize as many people as we can to take photos and post online », Meggy urges us !.

Click here to download the March #8for8 placard in many languages!

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