Peru: Tax Justice and Women's Rights

Published on 

Global Alliance for Tax Justice's committed partner Public Services International (PSI) carried out a pilot study on Taxation and Gender in Peru in 2017. The objective of the study was to observe the behavior of tax evasion / avoidance and the investment capacity of the State in key public services for the exercise of women's rights.

"The study is an important sample that transcends the specific data of the country. It rather allows us to look more broadly at the relationship between taxation, public investment and elimination of gender gaps in the world," says Verónica Montúfar of ISP.

Therefore,  PSI and its National Women's Committee in Peru, together with ACTRAV-Lima Regional Office and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), will hold a Forum to present the study, on the occasion of the International Day of Public Services in 2018, Friday 22 June, at the ILO Regional Office in Lima.

For more information, you can contact Verónica Montúfar, Global Head of Gender Equality of the ISP.


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