Tax & Extractives: Brazil's mining model

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Inesc just published its latest Technical Note, titled "The mines model seen from a tax perspective". The note discusses discusses the tax concessions obtained by the sector amid the Brazilian fiscal and economic crisis, and the many violations of social and environmental rights that large mining companies promote with public money. You can download it here.

It was INESC’s input into the discussion that was taking place in Brasilia yesterday in the Comitê em Defesa dos Territórios Frente a Mineração (National Committee to Defend Territories against Mining): activists from all Brazil gathered to discuss the Brazilian extractive model with social movements, academics and representatives from communities affected by mining in the country.

The Comitê, which is a quite recent though very fast-growing articulation of more than 100 organizations, provided a livestream and many short videos (in Portuguese) on their Facebook page.

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